Guest Teachers


  • Are you a leader in an organization that feels stifled?

  • Do you dream of shifting your current professional or personal life?

  • Are you being called to something bigger and more in alignment with your purpose?

In today’s society, many of us are overworked, stressed, and lack self-care tools and consistent contemplative practices. Due to the demands of typical leadership roles, we let ourselves become overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted.

Imagine a new paradigm of horizontal and compassionate co-leadership that is rooted In conscious relationship, self-care, vibrational alignment, and contemplative practice.

Dynamic national leaders Pamela Stokes Eggleston and Amina Naru, Co-Executive Directors of the Yoga Service Council and Founders of Retreat to Spirit, will share their instinctive leadership model and expertise to help you:

  • Create healthy boundaries;
  • Explore the concept of “coopetition”
  • Unpack the consequences of moral injury
  • Clear old energy and let go of toxic people and things
  • Develop distinctive and empowering self-care techniques
  • Use yogic principles, compassion, and energy healing tools
  • Discover unconventional methods of co-leadership to help navigate your
    personal and professional lives.

This workshop immersion is designed for everyone — whether in leadership roles in the office or home, for those who wish to become leaders, or for those searching for more meaning and purpose to discover embodied, synchronistic connections. When our innerspirit is depleted, everything suffers, including our service to others. Through self-inquiry, discussion, breath work, meditation, and embodied movement, we will learn how self-care and healing are a necessary part of a life of service.